Steel Tip Darts
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Here's a selection of economy darts for the beginner at home and Bar use.

High polished nickel silver slightly denser than brass, thinner barrel designs with a tarnish resistant finish.

Renegade 80% Tungsten
Tungsten barrels for a reasonable price with knurled barrels to enhance the grip.

Front loaded weight distribution, compact darts, easy to throw with a natural trajectory

Made in England, features Barrel back cut grooves that resemble a jagged edge of a Sharks Fin.

High Quality, Largest Variety of Grips and Weights up to 40 grams.

Harrows Power Point
Point dramatically reduces bounce outs which increases scoring averages. Darts forward thrust forces the point into the board.

These darts feature bomber style contoured barrels. The ergonomic design gives perfect finger grip, combined with ease of release for maximum scoring.

One of our highest quality, Best selling set of darts with a wide variety of grips and weights to choose from.

Kick Ass
The Kick Ass™ 90% Tungsten dart line is available with Edge Grip™ and coarse knurling, and your choice of Black Steal™ or silver finishes!

Bottelsen Great White
90% Tungsten Great Whites, Our #1 selling Bottelsen Fixed steel point darts. Made in America. Available in a variety of barrel sizes, grips and weights.

Devastator Hammerhead by Bottelsen
Hammer Head® dart is 95% Tungsten with 9/32'' Barrel giving a slim and sleek look, with a higher weight in volume! Available with smooth, and coarse barrel grips, you will devastate the competition!

Gorilla Grip Hammerhead by Bottelsen
90% Tungsten dart line offers a variety of weights, satisfying every darts thrower's need!

Hammer Head Mega Thrust by Bottelsen
"Front loaded" barrel design which has made it one of the most popular darts on the market! Equipped with our Black Steal™ or silver finish.

The Heavy Weights™ are here! Bottelsen has added heavier weights to the original Hammer Head® 90% tungsten dart line.
Bottelsen Hammer Head
The Original Hammer Head® No Bounce Dart™ line was designed and patented by Walt Bottelsen. The Hammer Head® mechanism virtually eliminates bounce outs.